3-Slot PCI Expansion PCI, PCIe or ExpressCard 34 (EC34) Host Interface

Order-Nr.: WM1-100-260  Series/Model: PE3R

3-Slot PCI Expansion unit
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3-Slot PCI Expansion (PCI-to-PCI, PCIe-to-PCI or EC34-to-PCI)

Main Product Features

  • Connects to desktop and laptop computers
  • 3 slot PCI 64-bit Backplane
  • All slots support full-length or shorter universal and legacy 5 volt only PCI cards (optional 3.3V only available)
  • Quiet cooling for hot PCI cards
  • All Slots support full length (12.283”) or shorter PCI cards
  • Versatile black enclosure can be rack-mounted or stacked on a tabletop under your computer or monitor
  • Non-enclosed board sets are available for OEMs and System Integrators to utilize their own enclosure
  • Only 2U when rack-mounted and brackets are included

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Need to upgrade your server or desktop computer?  Don’t want to lose your investment in your specialized PCI cards that won’t fit in your new computer? You can install practically any PCI card into the Magma PCI Expansion System and connect it through a PCI Express slot on your computer.
Prolong Your Investment: The 3 Slot PCI Expansion System provides a simple, cost-effective solution for expanding the capability of practically any computer, especially as PCI Express becomes the industry standard, the number of available PCI slots has been reduced or completely eliminated. Many companies have invested a lot time, energy and money in solutions built around conventional PCI hardware. The Magma 3 Slot PCI Expansion System provides a safe “migration path” to PCI Express while protecting your investment in PCI cards.
Save Time, Money and Trouble: The expansion chassis consists of a host interface card, a cable and a chassis. The expansion chassis is automatically configured by the System BIOS making all of the slots appear transparent within the host computer.
Cost-Effective Migration and Increased I/O Capacity: The expansion solutions provide a cost-effective migration path to new computers while maintaining a consistent PCI configuration. In addition, Magma products significantly increase (I/O) capacity and scalability. Multiple expansion systems can be combined to provide an almost unlimited number of PCI slots* to a single computer. This type of scalability is especially useful in industries such as Telecom, Data Acquisition, Video Monitoring, Server Storage and Manufacturing Test Fixtures


  • Medical Imaging
  • Camera Interface
  • Video Processing
  • Military,Aerospace
  • Industrial Automation/Control,
  • Test & Measurement
  • Audio Editing
  • Video Effects
  • Video Capture.

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