High Temperature Heat Flux Sensor, FCR

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High Temperature Heat Flux Sensor, FCR
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High Temperature Heat Flux Sensor for Industry, Laboratory and Research

Main Product Feautres

  • Direct Heat Flux Readout
  • For Temperatures up to 1000°F or +549°C
  • With Thermocouple Option available
  • Self-generation Output - requires no Amplifier nor Power Supply or Reference Junction
  • Each unit is supplied with a Sensitivity Constand traceable to NIST
[These high temperature Heat Flow Sensors are constructed from high temperature materials as ceramics and enclosed for extra ruggedness in a Stainless Steel housing. They are designed to accurately measure, record and/or control heat flow in adverse environments such as kiln walls, furnace tubes, nuclear generators and the like. In operation, the sensor attached to the surface or be an integral of the wall though which the Heat Flow is to be recorded. Its self generated EMF (millivolts) is directly proportional to the Heat Flow passing through it.

Model with an Integrated Thermocouple Type K are designed to measure both heat flux and temperature.


  • Industrial
  • Hich Temperature Insulation Evaluation
  • Submarines and Vessels
  • Test for Firefighter Equipment
  • Pipes and Ducts
  • Refineries and Reactors
  • Aero-Space

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