Overview about Magnetic Products


Portable and USB based Tesla Meter Gauss Meter

Portable Gauss Meter / Tesla Meter
USB-Gauss Meter / Tesla Meter
Tesla Meter Gauss Meter with Analog Output 

Gauss Meter Tesla Meter KOSHAVA 5

16 Bit 2 oder 4 Kanal 500 MS/s PCie Digitizer Serie RazorMax

Portable standalone Tesla Meter / Gauss Meter with USB interface and analogue output  Tesla Meter / Gauss Meter for connection to a computer  Hall probes (full Tesla Meter / Gauss Meter for connection to a
Digital multimeter, data logger
Or oscilloscope.

Magnetic Products and Accessories

Zero Gauss Chamber
Reference magnets series  
Magnet pole finder / detector 
Hallsensor mit Analogausgang (Teslameter) Hallsensor mit Analogausgang  (Teslameter)  Typ KOSHAVA-AA

The zero-Gaussian chamber / zero-field chamber serves to shield the earth's magnetic field Reference magnet / calibration magnet for 20mT or 180mT Electronic magnetic pole detector / magnetic tester with LED and signal output

3 axis Fluxgate Magnetometers, Digital Fluxgate Magnetometers and Angular Orientation Sensors

Digital Fluxgate-Magnetometer
Angle Orientation Sensor
Magnetpolsucher MPF-120

3-axis Fluxgate Magnetometers with Analog Output

3-axis Fluxgate Magnetometer with RS232 Interface 3 axis Fluxgate-Magnetometers with  3-axis Accelerometer



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