Universal Heat Flux Sensors, F

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Universal Heat Flux Sensors, F
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Universal Heat Flux Sensors for Industry, Laboratory and Research

Main Product Features

  • Direct Heat Flux Readout
  • Measures Bidirectional Heat Flow
  • Sensitivity unaffected by Vacuum
  • Self-generating Output - requires no Amplifier no Power Supply or Reference Junction
  • Easy to install - stick (glue) on or screw on
 The wafer thin heat flow sensor is sensitive to heat passieg through it. Consequently, it responds to all three modes of heat fluxes: heat conduction, heat radiation and heat convection, or in combinations. The majority of it\'s uses consists of recording heat energy entering or leaving a surface of a wall or body.

Each side of the sensor has the same nominal sensitivity. i.e., it is bidirectional. It\'s self-generating millivolt output, which is proportional to heat flow, can be used to measure and/or control. The models with integral thermocouple are designed to measure both heat flux and temperature.



  • Green Roof and Soil
  • Insulation Evaluation of Roofs, Walls ect.
  • Submarines and Vessels
  • Biomedical
  • Pipes and Ducts
  • Refineries and Reactors
  • Aero-Space

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