Outlet and Demo Units


PCI and PCI Express Expansions (Outlet Units)

3-Slot PCI Express Expansion
Model: Roben3-PS
4-Slot PCI Express Expansion
Model: EB4

Slots: 3
Bus: x8 (8 Lane)
Version: Gen 2
Host Interface Card: PCIe
Slots: 4
Bus: x4 (4 Lane)
Version: Gen 1
Host Interface Card: PCIe
Device-State: Demo/Outlet Unit Device-State: Demo/Outlet Unit  
Special Price: 1850 Euro + VAT + Transportation Special Price: 1450 Euro + VAT + Transportation  
(Original Price: 2850 Euro)  (Original Price: 2305 Euro)   

Stock: 1 Unit

Stock: 1 Unit  
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