Digital Fluxgate Magnetometer WFG-D-130

Order-No: WFG-330-100   Series/Model: WFG

Digital Fluxgate Magnetometer WFG-D-130
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Digital Fluxgate Magnetometer System

Main Product Features

  • RS232 and TTL Digital Outputs
  • Complete 3-axis system
  • Range ±100µT (±1G)
  • Operates from +4.95 VDC to +9 VDC @ 50 mA
  • Easy to use
  • Configuration and Data Acquisition via Windows based Software
  • Small Size

output 3 axis fluxgate magnetometer to be commercially available. The Digital Fluxgate Magnetometer system can convert and transmit over its serial port (at 38400 baud) all three axes outputs at a rate of 250 samples per second. Slower data rates can also be selected; transmission rate and baud rates are user programmable.

The Digital Fluxgate Magnetometer Model WFG-D-130 uses 3 separate 16 bit sigma delta converters to achieve the high throughput. The scale factor is set so that a full scale input of 10-4T (1G) represents 32768 counts on the system A to D\'s. The least count represents about 3nT. Noise of the system is 1 - 2 counts.

The Digital Fluxgate Magnetometer system Model WFG-D-130 is ideally suited to situations where high speed magnetic data must be acquired and analyzed. In the past, such systems have normally used a combination of an analog output fluxgate and an A to D board in a PC. The Model WFG-D-130simplifies and reduces the cost of the magnetic data acquisition system by eliminating the cumbersome A to D board.

The Digital Fluxgate Magnetometer Model WFG-D-130 can be used in either a command mode or autosend mode. In the command mode, the Digital Fluxgate Magnetometer Model WFG-D-130 responds to commands to transmit data issued by an external computer. In the autosend mode, the Model WFG-D-130 commences sending data as soon as power is applied to the unit.
The Digital Fluxgate Magnetometer Model WFG-D-130 can be supplied with an optional connection cable and breakout box which allows easy powering and connection to an external computer. A Windows compatible configuration and data acquisition and display program is supplied with the Digital Fluxgate Magnetometer Model WFG-D-130. This program enables the user to acquire and graphically display data as well as configure the Model WFG-D-130 send rate, baud rate, output format and other features.

In addition to the standard RS232 interface which is normally employed when communicating with a PC, the Model WFG-D-130 is also equipped with a TTL interface for communication with a microprocessor.


  • OEM and System integration
  • 3 dimensional Magnetic Measurement
  • High speed magnetic sensing
  • Magnetic anomaly detection
  • Guidance/Compassing
  • Laboratory measurements
  • Magnetic field mapping
  • Materials testing

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