Overview about eXpert realtime FPGA options


eXpert FPGA DSP realtime FPGA options for Gage Digitizers

PCIe Data Streaming
Signal Averaging 
Ultrasonic NDT Position Encoder

eXpert Echtezeit Mittelwertbildung

Allows for data streaming mode of acquired data directly through the PCIe interface to the host PC RAM and on to targeted host based CPU or dedicated processing cards for analysis and/or to high-speed storage systems for real-time signal recordings. Allows for detection of very small repetitive signals in a noisy environment. Using rapid signal averaging, small signals can be extracted from a background of high amplitude noise, which may even be larger than the actual signal itself. Allows for direct position encoder reading capability for fastest possible scan rates with Pulse On Position Mode and Position Stamping Mode for use with modern ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection systems.
Supported PCIe Digitizer:
Supported PCIe Digitizer:
PCIe Datenstreaming PCIe Signal-Mittelwertbildung PCIe Ultraschall NDT Positions Encoder
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)  


Supports variable rate k-clocking or inactive external clock by simultaneously digitizing the interferometer signal with the returned optical signal for use with OCT applications. Allows 512, 1024, or 2048 point FFT calculation analysis directly on the digitizer and transfer of multiple Fourier Spectra to the host PC in a single PCIe transfer.  
Supported PCIe Digitizer:
Supported PCIe Digitizer:
PCIe Optical-Coherence-Tomography PCIe Fast Fourier Transformation  



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