Handheld Gauss Meter / Tesla Meter with USB Interface and Analog Output

Artikelnummer: 1099255   Series/Model: KOSHAVA 5

Gauss meter Tesla meter Magnetometer
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Inexpansive precision Handheld Tesla meter / Gauss meter with Analog output and USB Interface.

Main Product Features

  • Auto ranging 4 ranges (2mT, 20mT, 200mT, 2T) or 3 ranges (20mT, 200mT, 2T) depending of the selected probe
  • Min / Max detection (peak detection)
  • Switchable units: Tesla, Gauss, kA/cm, A/cm or Oersted
  • DC and AC Magnet field measurement up to 10 kHz RMS
  • Digital linearization and Temperature compensate
  • USB Interface with free Software for data logging
  • Menu language English and German
  • Digital zero field adjustment
  • Large graphical Display
  • 10 mG (1μT) Resolution
  • 0.2% instrument accuracy
  • Rugged
  • RoHS conform (lead free)
  • Made in Germany
  • 3 years Warranty (mechanical damages excepted).
  • Include calibrating certificate

The Tesla Meter / Gauss Meter KOSHAVA 5 combines the functionality, stability and precision of high-quality desktop units in a portable hand instrument.

At the development of the Tesla Meters / Gauss Meters KOSHAVA 5 great value was paid to easy and intuitive use of the device. The Tesla Meter is comfortably and simply operable by English and German menu driven with 4 keys.

For every user the right measurement unit indication:  Depending of which kind of use and in which country of use the user prefer the different units Gauss, Tesla, A/cm, kA/m or Oersted. Over the menu the user can select his preferred unit and he can save time for the annoying conversions.

Always the optimal measurement range: To be able to reach the optimal resolution always, the Tesla Meter / Gauss Meter KOSHAVA 5 is equipped with 4 measurement ranges (2mT, 20 mT, 200mT, 2T) The optimal measurement range can be either adjusted manually or setup automatically by using the Auto
Ranging function.

Min / Max detection (Peak detection): The Teslameter /Gaussmeter shows the negative and positive peak value in bottom area of the display. By pressing a key the peak values can be set to zero.

Precise in all measurement ranges: In opposite to many other hall sensor based units at our Magnetometer KOSHAVA 5 each probe is measured in each range and each probe gets an individual table with linearization and calibration information. At the first start with a new probe the Tesla / Gauss Meter reads the calibration information and use this for the accurate calculations of the measure values.

Analog output and USB interface: The Tesla Meter / Gaussmeter KOSHAVA 5 is suitable for the automatic control and documentation excellently through its features the analog output and USB interface. The software enclosed free of charge shows the displayed values of the device on the PC and offers the possibility saving the reading in a interval
between 0,5 seconds to 100 seconds. The acquired data can be saved in the Excel compatible CSV format. If the unit is connected with the USB interface the power is supplied from the PCversorgt.


  • Assessment of magnetic materials
  • Analysis of magnetic circuits and components 
  • Measurement of residual magnetis
  • Measure stray and leakage fields
  • Measurement of absolute, and differential fields
  • Testing, sorting, classifying magnets
  • DC and AC motor testing
  • Relay and solenoid test
  • NDT Compliance Testing
  • Loudspeaker test

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