Heat Flux Sensors, 19mm, FR-75D-6

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Heat Flux Sensors, 19mm, FR-75
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Heat Flux Sensor without Thermistor / Thermocouple

Main Product Features

  • 3/4 (19mm) Diameter
  • Sensitivity, nominal 22 (BTU/ft2 Hr.) or 69 (W/m2)/mV - bipolar
  • Temperature Range -22°F to +300°F or -30°C to 150°C
  • Water proof, impervious to high pressure and vacuum
  • Optional with integrated Thermisor or Thermocouple
  • twisted, TFE insulation or flexible AWG, Kevlar cables available
  • Optional Special cable length available

These durable disk Heat Heat Flow Sensor (HFS) generate (emf) millivolts directly proportional to the heat flux passing through it. In addition, the models incorporation a Thermistor or Thermocouple respond at the same time to the temperature. Consequently, the Heat Flux Sensor is equipped to monitor, easure, and/or control simultaneously both heat flux and temperature.

When in operation, the Heat Flux Sensor often integrated into a harness for human beings or directly attached (taped) to human skin. Moreover, the sensor’s many fields.


Medical applications like: Anaesthesiology, Hypothermia, protective clothing, Thermophysiology,
Life science,

Measurements of conductive and convective heat loss in swimming Seller sea lions, ect.


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