Rackmount-Kit for 1-and 3-Slot Thunderbolt Expansion Series EBxT

Order-No: WM1-129-500  Series/Model: -MPRK

MacPro Rackmontage-KIt for Thunderbolt Expansion
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MacPro 19 "4U rack mount kit for 1 and 3 slot Thunderbolt extensions

Main Product Features

  • 19" 4U
  • Easy sliding rack assembly for quick access to
  • cables connections
  • Optimum air flow design
  • Flexible mounting: right or left side Mac Pro mounting
  • Easy access open face front and back


  • Simple cable management
  • Convenient access to I/O ports
  • Quick disconnect your peripheral devices
  • Multiple options for PCIe expansion/storage
  • Utilize your existing Magma Thunderbolt expansion chassis
  • Customize your setup, your way, no complications

On Stock Munich availabel !!

Magma’s Mac Pro Rackmount Kit is designed for maximum flexibility. The Mac Pro Rackmount Kit is designed to make getting to your hardware easy, while still allowing for multiple configurations. Connect storage, PCIe expansion, or any hardware you might need in the extended 4U shelving space next to your Mac Pro, which is housed in a super secure slide out bracket.

Combine the Mac Pro Rackmount Kit with either Magma’s ExpressBox 1T or ExpressBox 3T and create a dynamic duo of Apple horsepower and PCIe expansion. Connect video capture, media transcoding, audio processing, SSD storage, and many of your other favorite PCIe cards with ease. The modular design allows users to quickly disconnect their Magma expansion chassis and take your valuable PCIe cards with you on the go.



  • HighSpeed data streaming
  • Video editing
  • Music production

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