13-Slot PCI Expansion with PCI, PCIe or ExpressCard 34 (EC34) Host Interface

Order-Nr. WM4-100-100, WM4-100-110  Series/Model: P13R und P13RR

13-Slot PCI expansion system
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PCI  Expansion with 13 PCI-Slots (PCI-to-PCI, PCIe-to-PCI od. EC34-to-PCI)

Main Product Features

  • easy Plug and Play installation
  • PCI and PCI Express® host card provides easy connection to desktop computers and servers
  • CardBus and ExpressCard modules provide connection to your favorite laptop computer
  • Includes 1-meter expansion cable
  • 13 slot PCI backplane
  • All slots support full-length or shorter universal and legacy 5 volt only PCI cards
  • Dedicated fans for cooling PCI cards
  • 400W Standard or Redundant (Hot-Swappable) Power Supply
  • Optional PCI card hold down mechanism prevents cards from being dislodged during transportation
  • Optional drive cage for mounting up to eight internal drives inside chassis
  • Optional rack slide kit for rack cabinet installation

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Need to upgrade your server or desktop computer? Got a small footprint computer and full-sized PCI cards? Don’t want to lose your investment in pricey PCI cards that don’t fit the new computer? Simply need more PCI slots or storage space? Are your full-sized, power-hungry, high-heat-generating PCI cards dragging your computer down? You can install practically any PCI card into the Magma PCI Expansion System and connect it to your new or old server or desktop computer through a variety of Magma host cards. The Magma 13 Slot PCI Expansion System is a 4U, rackmountable, chassis that allows you to plug-in up to thirteen (13) full-sized power-demanding PCI cards and up to four (4) 3.5” hard drives.

Increase I/O Capability: There are numerous performance and functionality hungry professionals that simply need more PCI slots than a typical computer provides. Even with the introduction of more robust desktop computers and servers, increased I/O capability is still required. If you have a powerful application that requires the use of several PCI cards, increase the number of PCI slots in your system with a Magma PCI Expansion System.

Flexible System: The use of computer specific host cards makes using your unique PCI cards and vital data as simple as “Plug & Play” because all you need to do is to connect the Magma PCI Expansion System to the host card for your computer and turn it on. Use the same PCI cards on your laptop as you do on your desktop or server – just add a Magma CardBus or ExpressCard and connect the cable. The auto-switching power supply even allows you to work internationally by simply adding a power cord plug adapter.

Configuration Control: Setting up your PCI cards and data in one chassis provides you an opportunity to use a consistent hardware configuration – regardless of what type of computer is available. Being able to “hit the ground running” is vital to every successful venture. Being able to use “the same PCI cards,” regardless of location also reduces project risks.

Host cards are available for the following systems: (1) Laptop: CardBus or ExpressCard or (2) Desktop/Server: 32 or 64-Bit PCI, or x1 PCI Express

  • Medical image processing
  • Camera interfaces (frame grabbers)
  • Video editing
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial automation / monitoring
  • Test and measurement
  • Audio cut
  • Video effects and video cut

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