Radiometer, Series Mark IV

Order-No: C01-4x0-100   Series/Model: Mark-IV

Radiometer - Series MarkIV
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Radiometer (Series Mark-IV) for Research, Laboratory and Industrie

Main Product Features

  • Non-contact temperature measurement
  • Choice of view angle: 150° or 75°
  • Impervious to pressure changes and vacuum
  • Self-generating output (mV)
  • Flare & Flame radiation detector
  • Low Cost 

lts high sensitivity and rapid time response to heat Rux absorbed by the sensor surface distinguish the MARK IV models as top performance Radiometers.

The self-generated thermoelectric output signal in millivolts (mV) is directly proportional to the incident heat flux.

Various windows may be added for elimination of convective heat transfer and/or or selective spectral responses.

For Non-Contact temperature measurement applications, one has to establish the temperature relation between the target and the Sensor empirically, or apply the classic relationship as expressed by the Stefan-Boltzmann equation:

Q/A=0.1714*10-8 x F x E x (T4target - T4sensor) (BTU/ft²Hr)


T: is the absolute temperature in Rankine (t"460)

F: Form factor between Target and Sensor

E: Emissivity of the target



  • Suitable for measuring Solar and other object´s radiation in satellites and space vehicles (NASA) Aerospace

  • Radiant heat (IR) detection and control of various targets—broad range

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