Reference magnets series MT

Order-No: 1099181, 1099182   Series/Model: MT20mT, MT180mT

Reference magnets series MT
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Reference magnets for 20mT or 180mT

Main Product Features

  • For axial and transversal probes suitable
  • Models with 20 mT or 180 mT available
  • Reasonably priced
  • Robust and samll measurements
  • Including factory calibration certificate in the extent of supply
  • Optional with a DAkkS calibration (German calibration service) available
  • Very well suitable for the WUNTRONIC Tesla Meter / Gauss Meter model KOSHAVA 5

The reasonably priced WUNTRONIC standard reference magnets offer the possibility in a simple way of being able to calibrate or to check magnet measuring instruments like Gauss Meter/Tesla Meter with the respectively accompanying probes in a defined magnetic field.

For axial and transversal probes: The reference magnets /comparison magnets of the series MT can be used for transversal probes and axial probes.

The calibrating magnets are available in two variants with a magnetic flux density H (induction) with 20 mT (200 Gauss) or 180 mT (1.8 kGauss).

Are approximate values the given flux densities and field strengths and become individually magnet for everybody investigates

Factory calibration certificate: The calibrating magnets are delivered per default with a work calibration certificate.

Optional DAkkS calibration: The reference magnets are availably optional also with a DAkkS calibration


  • Check of Gauss Meter, Tesla Meter and magnetic anomaly detectors
  • Calibration of Gauss Meter, Tesla Meter and magnetic anomaly detectors

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