Round universal Heat Flux Sensors, HFR

Order number: C04-1xx-xxx   Series/Model: HFRSxxx

Universal Heat Flux Sensors, HFR
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Universal Heat Flux Sensors  in angular  Design for industry, laboratory and research

Main Product Features

  • Direct heat flow output
  • Bidirectional heat flow measurement
  • Waterproof and impervious to high pressures or vacuum
  • Self-generating output - does not require amplifier or power supply
  • Easy to install by gluing

The heat flow (Φ) through the sensor creates a small temperature gradient that is proportionalto the heat flow.

The temperature gradient perpendicular to the sensor surface generates anequivalent voltage.

The heat flow readout of the sensor is the voltage multiplied with the calibration constant of the sensor.


  • Green Roof and Soil
  • Insulation evaluation of Roofs, Walls ect.
  • Submarines and Vessels
  • Biomedical research
  • Laboratory & Classrooms

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