RS232 transducers / transmitters for temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and CO2

The following transducers can be controlled and read out via the RS232 interface. 

  • The transducers operate via the Modbus RTU or an Advantech ADAM compatible protocol. The protocol can be set in the configuration mode via the PC.   

RS232 / Temperature Transducer / Transmitter

RS232 Transducer for:
RS232: Transducer for   
RS232 Transducer for:

RS232 Messwandler / Messumformer

Transducer for Temperatur  
Transducer H4331  (ext. Pt1000 Sens.)
Transducer T0310 (internal Sensor)
Transducer T0318 (internal Sensor)
Transducer T4311 (ext. Pt1000 Sens.)
Transducer for Temperatur/humidity
Transducer H3331 (external sensors)
Transducer T3311 (interne  sensors)
Transducer H3313 (interne  sensors)
Transducer T3318 (internal sensors)
Transducer T3319 (external sensors)
Transducer for Temperatur/  
humidity and atmos. pressure.   
Transducer T7310 (internal sensors)
Transducer T7311 (external sensors)
Transducer H7318 (internal sensors)
Catalog RS232 / 485 Converter Catalog RS232 / 485 Converter Catalog RS232 / 485 Converter
RS232 Transducer for
RS232: Transducer for   
RS232: Transducer for   
Transducer für Luftdruck
Transducer T2314 (internal Sensor)
Transducer für CO2 Konzentration
Transducer H5311 (externer sensors)
Transducer H5324  (internal  sensors)
Transducer T5340 (internal Sensor)  
Transducer T5341 (externer sensors)
Transducer für Temperatur,
 humidity und CO2 Konzentration
Transducer H6320  (interne  sensors)
Transducer T6340  (interne sensors)  
Catalog RS232 / 485 Converter Catalog RS232 / 485 Converter Catalog RS232 / 485 Converter

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